About Us


Have you heard of AURA CLEANSING?

If not, then you must read carefully to understand us better. We offer a range of products which help you cleanse your aura in a day-to-day busy life with Himalayan Salt & Crystal Energy.

Cleansing aura has evolved over centuries. It brings positive energy to you, builds your confidance, and helps you have faith in your everyday activities. Crystal energy is used to activate each person's aura by utilising the ingredients we make our products with.

We want to spread positive energy all over and hence seek to cater to a global market having gained love, respect, and appreciation, we want to return the generosity by offering Indian products at Indian prices all around the globe.

As stated by Mahatama Gandhi, "be the change you want to see" is what we wish to work towards.



Our hand-made aura cleaning products come with an aura card for authenticity.

All products are made in a hygienic environment and have passed authenticity tests because you deserve nothing but the very best.

We seek to offer you a mesmerising experience that reminds you of the purity of India as you use our products.

Made with love, under expert supervision, and by a team of dedicated women.